Accordi Urali - Catherine (How To Manage Anger)

sabato 15 ottobre 2016

Accordi Urali - Catherine (How To Manage Anger)

Artista: Urali
Canzone: Catherine (How To Manage Anger)
Accordi by: Drogatidimmorpg


A                              Bm
On the walls of your new room
I had drawn a portrait of you
        A                              Bm          G
with the pencil i had found on your bed

        A                      Bm
your hair, they were branches
and they overlooked the rooftops
               A                   Bm                           G
I took an endless sleep underneath their shadow
A          Bm              G
vertical lakes in the place of your eyes
A                                             Bm                   G
blue and green water dripped slowly on your chest
A                                   Bm              G
and flowed through my giant joined hands
Bm                            G                             A
washed my ears and cleared my thoughts
i’ve always painted you as a leafy forest
limitless for the eyes, incomplete for the heart
A                             D                             A                   D
I’ve always painted you as the deepest ocean
    A                    D                                      A                    D
no man has ever discovered your heart of darkness

             Bm      A      G
I would like to be the sky or a satellite
           Bm               A              G
and revolve around you eternally
    Bm                   A
to finally see you wholly
                G                                          Bm-A-G
and draw you as you really are

             Bm                    A
It’s the everlasting issue
of really getting to know someone
    Bm                               A
to find a good perspective
and start digging inside


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